You will be playing a game! Please close all other browser windows to make this game run as smoothly as possible.

You will control a purple shape with the left and right arrow keys. This shape only moves in one direction at a time and points in the direction it can go. If it's pointing left, you can move left with the left arrow key only. If it's pointing right, you can move with the right arrow key only.

You will start on the sidewalk next to a basket of seeds. Touch the basket to pick up a seed and carry it across the road to the farm on the other side to plant it.

You are safe on the sidewalks, but if you get hit by a car while trying to cross the road, you'll be sent back to the sidewalk you started crossing from and will have to start your crossing over again.

The faster you carry a seed across the road, the more points you get. You'll have 20 flowers to plant in total. Try to score as highly as you can. Good luck!

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